Quality and Ballistics

At the Buffalo Cartridge Company, nothing is more important than our dedication to quality. We use only high-grade components in our ammunition, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every product stamped with our name lives up to the highest quality standards.

Every single round off the line is individually inspected by our dedicated quality control staff, where any blemished or defective rounds are discarded. We deliver only the superior ammunition our customers demand and deserve.

Our state of the art automated QC machine delivers unmatched quality to the consumer. We use a 7-camera system to inspect our ammo from every angle, ensuring the tightest tolerances in the industry. In addition, the ammunition passes through a high sensitivity weighchecker, which discards any rounds that don’t meet the most rigid specs. The end result is consistent and reliable ammunition in every shot.

USMC Match .45 Load

Our ballistician, Randy Lawless, was a key player in developing one of the most accurate rounds ever used in pistol competition. Click above to read more.

The ballistics lab at The Buffalo Cartridge Company is home to our impressive Research and Development department, headed by our in-house ballistician, Randy Lawless. A 23-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, he served our country as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor, and he also shot on the Marine Corps competition pistol team for twelve years. While on that team, he learned the science of developing precise, reliable, consistent loads for optimum performance. Our ballistician develops each load with individual care, creating the ideal combination of size, pressure, and velocity to deliver the ultimate shooting experience.

After a load is developed, the Ballistics Manager works closely with the Production Manager to set up our state of the art loading machines to meticulous standards. Production lots are tested routinely throughout the production cycle to ensure every round off the line meets the rigid standards our customers demand. All ballistic testing is performed via our highly sensitive computerized system, measuring pressures and velocities to the finest degree.

At The Buffalo Cartridge Company, we sweat the small things. We have to. The tiniest fluctuations in design specs can significantly impact velocity, pressure, safety, and overall performance. It’s our job to focus on those details so you can focus on the ultimate shooting experience.

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