.45 Long Colt Outlaw 200gr LRNFP

SKU: BCC00017

Step into the Old West. Buffalo Cartridge precisely formulates each Outlaw® round to provide you with outstanding accuracy, low velocity, and low recoil -- ideal for Cowboy Action Shooting. We use only high-grade components to ensure your Outlaw® experience is not only bold but reliable. Experience the authenticity of the past with the precision of the present.

Outlaw® is the official ammo provider of the SASS® 2017 End of Trail World Championships.

Cartridge: .45 Long Colt

Condition: New

Bullet Weight: 200gr

Bullet Type: LRNFP

Muzzle Velocity: *685 fps

Muzzle Energy: 208 ft lbs

Rounds Per Box: 50

Rounds Per Case: 1000

* Velocity with 6.5" Colt Revolver