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God, Guns, Country

The buffalo is an American icon. He is strong and steady, fearless and feared. He is wild at heart. We create American-made ammunition for the bold sportsman, unbending in quality and spirit. The Buffalo Cartridge Company. God. Guns. Country.

Hickock45 Shows Accuracy of Buffalo Cartridge Ammunition (10/8/16)

Previously featured by Hickock45 on 1860 Henry Rifle Iron Frame (1/9/16)


We believe in God and Jesus Christ, and we believe in our sacred right and responsibility to protect human life.


We believe in the second amendment, and we support every law-abiding American who chooses to bear arms.


We believe in capitalism, and in the American worker. Our ammunition is assembled in Findlay, Ohio, U.S.A.


Buffalo Cartridge Company provides some of the ammunition we use to help test and qualify our firearms. They manufacture high quality, American-made product and are a pleasure to deal with.

Greg Thomas, Production Manager, Kimber Mfg., Inc.

We recently added Buffalo Cartridge Company to our line of suppliers. The feedback from our customers has been nothing but positive. The repeat customers and new customers asking for Buffalo specifically says a lot to me about the quality of the product. The Cowboy Action line has also opened up a source of new customers.

Steve McKee - Silverado Arms LTD - Mentor, OH

We feature Buffalo Cartridge Company products on our website, and they are great sellers. The quality is excellent, and our customers always seem excited to order more. I highly recommend carrying this product on your shelf!

Seth Weinstein - AmmunitionDepot.com

As an active shooter in the up and coming sport Cowboy Action Shooting (SASS), I have tried many types of ammunition. This Outlaw ammunition comes at a great price and shoots great! I've been shooting the Outlaw ammo since August 2014 in Cowboy Action Matches. I've never had a squib! Great stuff!

Martin Gibson - Kansas

Having done business with BCC and spoken to Bryan on a number of occasions, I have found the products to be excellent. Being in this industry myself I've noted that Bryan's professional attitude, his patience, willingness to help but most of all his knowledge of the industry and product line are truly excellent. While he may very well do the same for everyone, I always feel like at that particular time he is going out of his way for me. Great products and a great representative, thanks for that.

Mike Waldman - Lotus Ammunition Worx - Palm City, FL

I feel like more than a numbered account to Buffalo Cartridge, and that level of service keeps me coming back. Every one of my orders is shipped with lightning speed and accuracy, plus they're great about shopping for the best freight line to save me even more money! Thanks guys, my business wouldn't be what it is today without you!

Ryan Patrick - Parabellum Ammo - Knoxville, TN